The Major Advantages Of Pellet Mill

1. Eg animals can be avoided. Feed formulations have a variety of raw materials, comprehensive nutrition, prevents the animals from the powder selected its favorite, refusing to intake of other ingredients. Because during the process of storage and feeding pellet feed to maintain the uniformity, can reduce the loss of feeding 8%~10%.

2. High feed conversion rates. During the pellet process, due to the combined effect of moisture, temperature and pressure, feed some chemical reaction occurs so that starch gelatinization, enzyme activity, and the feeding of animal digestion and feed more effectively into weight gain in. Poultry and pigs fed with pellets, compared with powder, improves feed conversion rate (the rate of) 10%-12%. Pellet feed in fattening pigs, average daily gain of 4%, feeding meat than lower 6%; fed chicken meat can reduce the 3%-10%.

3. Transport storage more economical. After Pellet Mill Equipment work, tend to feed in bulk density increase in 40%-100%, can reduce container, saving transport costs.

4. Good fluidity and ease of administration. Many powders, in particular the proportion of small wool-like mash, add molasses, or high fat feed and urea often glued to the material library. Because the pellets with good fluidity, rarely produces adhesion, for those who apply automatic feeder scale dairy cattle or poultry farms, most popular pellets.

5. Avoid automatic ratings feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution. Powder handling process due to the volume of the powder of variable quality, and extremely easy to produce ratings. Grading of feed ingredients made from particles did not exist, and the dust particle is not easy to, in the course of feeding pellet feed on air and water pollution compared with much less powder.

6. Inactivation of salmonella in animal feed. Salmonella remains in animal tissues after ingestion by animals, people eat animals infected with the bacteria salmonella in gastroenterology. Using steam system of high temperature quenching and tempering methods to kill salmonella in animal feed.


Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill as long as a a people operation production, (production particles of raw materials each tons 150 Yuan, electricity or diesel fee each tons 50 Yuan, artificial fee each tons 50 Yuan, particles machine wear fee each tons 20 Yuan, total total 270 Yuan, now particles fuel of market is each tons 600 Yuan, 600 Yuan minus 270 Yuan, is daily each tons of particles fuel of pure profit 330 Yuan), YD320 particles machine daily 8 hours can production 4 tons particles, 1 particles machine on will daily created 1320 Yuan of pure profit, each months of pure profit 39600 Yuan, annually of pure profit is 475200 Yuan, above of calculation premise is in raw materials sufficient of situation Xia to achieved, if is large of particles machine equipment is hard achieved this profit of, large equipment cannot Mobile only mobile raw materials so achieved can't such high of profit (raw materials of transport RADIUS more big profit on will more less), I hope to cooperate with friends around the world to develop the industry of environmental protection and energy saving high efficiency and high profits.

Advantages: high accuracy of involute cylindrical helical gear direct drive, drive efficiency as high as 98%.
Advantage II: water transmission gear billet forging fire after heat treatment, improves the hardness of tooth surface; using carburizing treatment of tooth surface, deep 2.4mm in carburizing layer enhances abrasion resistance and prolong the service life of parts; silent precision grinding of hard tooth surface edge processing, run quieter and smoother.
Advantage three: the hollow axis spindle and Siamese Germany imports of alloy structural steel forging, heavy with water, heat treatment and finishing and fine grinding, and rational structure, uniform hardness fatigue resistance and improves part wearability, providing more reliable guarantee for safe operation.
Advantage four: host box using high quality steel casting, and uniformly thick, compact; Switzerland imported CNC machining center machining, machining precision error of zero. Provide stronger support for normal operation.
Advantage five: drive some bearings and oil seals are made of Japan imported high-precision bearings and United States imported wear resistant heat resistant Viton oil seals, and an additional oil lubrication system, oil cooling, automatic timing for oil lubrication. Ensure adequate lubrication of the bearing, run safer and more reliable.
Advantage six: particle system used silent bearings bearings are made of high quality, and increase oil circulation cooling and lubrication systems, bearings last longer, operate more safely.
Advantages of VII: high nickel steel ring die adopts high grade stainless steel precision manufacturing, unique compression ratio design, better product quality, ring die longer, to minimize the cost of production.
Advantages of eight: a new generation of biomass yew wood pellet mill is determined by United States famous senior designer research design, specifically for wood pelleting. Company has its own production base, the ring die 450# biomass pellet mill is experiencing times test demonstration at the factory, finally settled on the most stable, reliable, efficient, safe and economical models, the device enables 24-hour continuous operation


Straw feed mill

Straw feed pellet mill drawing on the essence of the pellet machine at home and abroad, for energy-saving products. Past General fodder processed into powder after feeding, feeding it is inconvenient, poor palatability, animal food, defects and low utilization rates. With the advent and popularity of new small pellet machinery, now powder feed can easily be processed into pellets. Lighting can be used as a driving force, pressure rollers pressed out from the die holes with the extrusion of granulation, you can easily adjust the pellet length, its simple structure, covering an area of small, low noise, 220 volt single phase power to operate, for lack of three-phase conditions of small-scale farmers.

Classification of Straw feed mill
Classification of Straw feed mill: Straw feed mill divided into extruding and pressing, extrusion, flat die straw
Straw pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Squeeze-type suitable for feed grains, stamping-suitable for fuel.

Characteristics of Straw feed mill

Straw pellets are small, mobile and flexible, (machine weighs approximately 580 kg), low price, farmers can afford (each priced at 2.3---2.58 million), lower production costs, farmers use (per ton of grain processing, fuel or power 60-80, labor costs about 20 Yuan, the maintenance fee of 10 Yuan) the machine dual-use diesel-electric. Users can choose to motor or diesel engine (motor 13-kilowatt, 18 HP diesel engine). Simple operation process, a person can be produced, feeding hay cutter for cutting, granulating once synchronization is complete. Capacity of 4 tons per day to the finished product.

Device properties of Straw feed mill
1, high capacity, low cost, low power consumption: dd4-12-300300-500 kg per hour capacity, only 11-kilowatt power motor.
2, material adaptability: adapted to a variety of biomass feedstock, straw from powder tothe 50mmlength between between 5--30% of water content, are forming.
3, electric heating function: automatic electric heating device, it can adjust the material humidity, resolve the blockage, not more difficult.
4, pinch roller automatic adjustment function: using bi-directional rotation principle automatic adjustment of pressure angle of thrust bearing, make the material without squeezing, boring machines, ensure the stability of molding.
5, simple easy to use: a high degree of automation, less labor, and only 3 people use artificial feeding or conveying machine automatic feeding.
6, process: smash-transport-molded-finished

Straw feed mill applicable scope

Straw pellet mill is based on crop straw or sawdust as raw material, after Straw feed mill pressed into cylindrical pellets. According to the different raw material quality, suppresses particle, and can be used as a biomass fuel can also serve as an animal feed.

Dry pellet mil machine Introduction

As the people's growing awareness of environmental protection and health, application of powder products increasingly attracted the attention of the majority of users. Economically advanced countries in America and Europe, requires the use of lots of chemicals, particularly toxic chemicals pelletizing; at home, many enterprises for export, a portion of the granulation of powders products in order to meet the needs of foreign investors. With China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), China will gradually in various fields and international standards, chemical industry, of course, no exception, so powder granulation products will become increasingly important. the powder system grain machine is I company according to user needs, in absorption abroad advanced powder body made grain technology of based Shang carefully development development of new system grain equipment, pellet mill can will powder body raw materials directly made meet user requires of particles shaped products, in the course of the without added any intermediate and the additives, made grain Hou of products grain degrees uniform, stacked density significantly improve, while, can effective control pollution, reduced powder material waste. The machine design is science, the structure is compact, the process simple, convenient operation and use, is your ideal choice for granulation of powders products. 

[Dry pellet mil machine Introduction Work principle]
powder material through quantitative sent feeder was quantitative, and uniform to joined rolling tablets main Hopper, makes rolling tablets main hopper within keep constant of material bit, then by rolling tablets main hopper within of longitudinal cone spiral on powder material for pre-compression and conveying to two only roll of arc slot mouth; two only roll surface uniform distribution shape same of half flat round arc slot or round pit, through pair gear of meshing drive, makes two only roll, speed, and reverse rotating, Will cone spiral conveying to slot mouth of material with into slot within or round pit within, and moments forced compression, material by compression forming Hou bear of pressure gradually reduces, in its stretch and the gravity role Xia, from slot within or round pit within shedding, entered broken, and whole grain system, then according to user of grain degrees requires sift, and ratings, get meet quality requires of uniform particles shaped products. Sieve under quantitative feeder returned for recycling.


Why Choose Wet Type Fish Feed Pellet Mill

According to your need and manufacturing scale, ZCME could provide two types of fish feed pellet mills: dry type and wet kind. Nonetheless, exactly what is difference and why decide on the wet one? Kindly follow me to discover regarding pellet extrusion principle. Pellet extrusion is a procedure where the feed stuff fish feed mill is connect to a central heating boiler which can constantly offer steam to the conditioner.
undergoes mixing and warming under high pressure before being forced with a die mould. The feed constituents undertake
transformations during the handling that could be beneficial as they are complete cooked and the nutritional value is enhanced. A temperature level above 100℃ is required in order to accomplish expansion of the feed as it leaves the die. Extrusion temperature level is usually a targeted worth acquired with vapor included in the pre-conditioner.

CPM releases worlds largest pellet mill at IPPE 2014

California Pellet Mill (CPM), a leading provider of process devices and modern technology for the animal feed, oilseed, biofuels and human food-processing markets, debuts the globe's biggest ring-die pellet mill today at the 2014 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. As on of the leading manufacturers of pellet mills, CPM continuouslies innovate with the introduction of its new high-capacity, high-pellet-quality mill. The CPM Model 9950-14 is practically 40 percent larger in comparison to other CPM pellet mill, with a 2,198-square-inch die. "The market required a straw pellet mill with greater ability that really did not give up pellet top quality or tools toughness," mentioned Jim Hughes, basic manager of CPM-U.S. "In creating the 9950-14, we had the ability to maintain CPM's standard two-roll design for maximum performance and life span.".

High-capacity functions such as swine and turkey feed mill plant will certainly take advantage of the new pellet mill's size and outcome performance. And its single-reduction, one-piece, cast-iron gearbox is made to be directly combined to a broad variety of commercially offered electric motors, up to 800 horsepower. Offered with popular options such as CPM's lineator remote roll change and roll speed dimension, the brand-new pellet mill comes filled with attributes that increase electricity and cost efficiency while mass-producing higher-quality pellets. CPM prepares for the Model 9950-14 will certainly be readily available for deliveries in autumn 2014. "We're very delighted concerning the influence this brand-new pellet mill can have upon bigger feed mill functions," Hughes statemented. "Its ability and longevity suggest lots of owners can essentially replace 2 pellet mills with one. The savings could be substantial." At IPPE, Jan. 28-30, CPM will visit booth 1539, showcasing this brand-new pellet mill in addition to other CPM tools essential to animal feed manufacturing, featuring, hammermills, microscales and feed mill automation.

Transportation business expands with new feed mill

Household had transport professional 'We United states A Carbon monoxide' are intending to expand and expand professional with their recently completed AUD$ 1 million livestock feed mill. The feed mill plant situated in Lucindale, South Australia will certainly produce prescribed loose-mix rations, and includes 10 new silos (300 tonnes each) along with considerable grain handling and combining equipment. Run by bros Scott and Gavin Rayner - the only Lucindale "worth add" to their alreadying existing transportation and grain warehousing professional. Discussing the brand-new mill, Mr Rayner stated "We are hauling canola dish in from Melbourne and Shepparton, Vic, and afterwards carting in all the other ingredients and afterwards the blends are heading out to milks around Mount Gambier - it just brings everything with each other,". "We are perfectly found with graingrowing locations around the perimeter simply an hour away and more grain increased below in the past years approximately, and afterwards the dairies are stone's throw south.".

The feed mill plant has now been in procedure for 3 month. The business has actually set a goal of processing 5000 tonnes of grain in the mill's first year of opertaion. They aim to expand this at some point to 10,000 tonnes each year, taking in grain from the surrounding location in between Goroke to Millicent. Most of the feed their production is for dairy products ranches, yet the firm is also providing feed-lots, along with producing tailor blends for various other animals consisting of horses, sheep and livestocks. Mr Rayner statemented "We have been pleasantly shocked the amount of interest there has visited the brand-new endeavor. Years ago we started storing sunflowers for Cargill Oilseeds with four old silos and a grain lost, however now have additional compared to 5000t of storage which could not be good enough." The feed mill consists of a conveyor belt which provides grain from the 300 tonne cone-bottom silos, the grain is then loaded into bucket escalators, prior to being processed with the roller mill. The crushed grains are then combined with various other additives such as trace aspects, salt and anti-bloat agents to a nutritional expert's suggestions before it is out loaded onto a semi-trailer or into 1 tonne feed mass bags.

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